Child Custody Issues: Releasing Children and Providing Parents w/ Information

Description: Early childhood educators are often called upon to review and interpret Court Orders. This workshop will examine the most common forms of Custody Orders and their impact upon the early childhood setting. We will review the basic tenants of “Shared Custody”/ “Joint Custody” and “Temporary Custody Orders” and other typical custodial arrangements. In addition, we will focus on Protection from Abuse Orders, Restraining Orders and Foster Parent Placement Documents. Participants will be asked to apply the basic tenants of custody to various situations within their programs including, releasing a child to a person claiming to be a parent, parents who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at pick-up, and non-custodial parents who want to volunteer in their child’s classroom.

Length: 2 hours  24 minutes

COST: $100.00 per person Discounted to $75.00 per person for Retainer/Consulting Clients.

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